Wellness area

You’re welcome to visit Hotel Le Peu Breton’s treatment rooms to unwind and relax. At the heart of lush greenery in the idyllic setting of Ile de Ré, you’ll experience a timeless sensory experience, from facials to body care, sculpting, hand and feet care, hair removal, exfoliation and more.
For your comfort, we use Charme d’Orient products.
A private sauna and hammam are available for you to take full advantage of this wellness experience.
Available on request for hotel guests and visitors.
Available on request for hotel guests and visitors.

Treatment options (PDF)
Face care

Face care

Sculpting or cleansing…

Pamper yourself with:

  • Face sculpting with argan oil for a relaxing, cleansing experience

  • Flash cleansing treatment for well-hydrated and comfortable skin

  • Special care to deep-cleanse your skin

Face care


Just as you like

Choose your treatment according to your current mood:

  • A back massage

  • A relaxation massage from your scalp to the base of your feet

  • A relaxation massage from your scalp to the base of your feet

  • A gentle and relaxing Californian massage.

  • A massage with warm argan oil

  • An Ayurvedic, Thai and Abhyanga massage combining effleurages, kneading, percussion and very gentle stretching


Gift boxes

Discover our gift boxes including a stay at the hotel and care treatment for two people.

Gift Boxes

Sauna & Hammam

“Under the effect of the dry heat of the sauna or the humid heat of the hammam, your muscles relax, your tension subsides, and you relax. The hammam and sauna are available on request.”


“Stopover” care packages

A unique experience

Choose a 1.5-hour package including several treatments:

  • Ile de Ré stopover (1 hour) including use of the sauna/hammam (30 minutes), a back massage (half and hour) and a fruit cocktail

  • Relaxation stopover (1.5 hours) including relaxation sculpting, a facial massage and flash cleansing treatment

  • Cocooning stopover (1.5 hours) including a massage with warm oils and relaxing flash cleansing treatment

  • Zen stopover (1.5 hours) including a specific facial treatment (1 hour) and Chinese foot reflexology

Body care

Body cares

A moment of relaxation

  • Wellness treatment for your back with cleansing, exfoliation, sculpting and hydration

  • A body scrub with scented alum stone (figs and dates)

  • Discover the new Hammam Ritual with use of the hammam, a black soap scrub and argan oil sculpting for an extremely enriching experience

Hand and feet care

Hand and feet care

A moment of relaxation

We offer a set of beauty treatments for your hands and feet with scrubbing, filing, cuticle treatment, hydration and nail polish.



Sheer softness

Try out our honey-hair removal, unique on Ile de Ré, for slower and more flexible regrowth. The paste made solely of honey (100% natural products) is applied at body temperature.

Treatment options (PDF)